James DeLorean - TV Writers' Assistant

2024 Writers' Assistant Promo

The Jacket

Channel 101 Pilot starring James and Barbara Gray

Milkshake Maniac

Web series in which Tad Fieri (Guy Fieri’s supposed nephew) reviews LA's milkshakes as his mental illness takes hold. Featured on HuffPost. Tad was also interviewed by the Dallas Observer.

Milkshake Maniac: Holiday Special

Tad samples shakes from all over LA in this unforgettable holiday extravaganza


Youtube series lampooning basement-dwelling YouTubers

Massage Envy: Because Everything

Commercial which aired throughout North America

Talkin’ Art

James interviews Hollywood hotshot screenwriter Dan Marshall for insight into his creative process


Open Road

Original song from Earworm: The Musical.

Opening Sequence

Opening sequence from Earworm: The Musical

Take Me Back

Original song from Time Pals (short film)

Hans the Incredible Unicorn

Theme song from the animated short film

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement (Excerpt)

Featured in Milkshake Maniac

Heartbreak After Digitization (My Chrome Shines in the Sunlight)

Original song

The Letter

Original song